Milano / São Paulo




Daniela Lorenzi is the founding figure of Atelier 14, best known as A14. A14 was born in the mid 1990s out of several collaboration projects between artists from different disciplines, notably photography, graphic art, publishing and artistic print making.

Atelier 14 takes its name from the original artists’ studio that officially opened in 1995 in Milan at the number 14 of Corso San Gottardo, as a space exclusively dedicated to research in the field of original print making and with the main activity of printing and publishing limited editions, portfolios and artists’ books. Since its inception, A14 has provided an open environment where the typical atmosphere of the traditional artistic print studio with its legacy of traditional techniques meets new technologies and influences, and where artists are free to experiment.
It was in this initial intensive and experimental phase that the first collaborations with Brazilian artists were born and which saw Daniela Lorenzi producing for and participating to exhibition projects and events. At the same time, Daniela also dedicated herself to educational and teaching activities.

In parallel to her research and production work, in 1997/98 Daniela took a post as Assistant to Professor Mario Benedetti, who held the chair of Engraving at the School of Fine Arts ‘Aldo Galli’ in Como, and with whom she had already collaborated during 1995/96 as a tutor for the chair of Engraving at the School of Fine Arts ‘Brera’ in Milan, as well as following his production of graphic art in her role as Assistant Printer.

Following a long period of intensive collaboration with Giorgio Upiglio’s print studio, during which she participated to the production and printing of editions, Daniela came into contact with the research of many well known artists at both national and international levels, such as Wifredo Lam, Lee Ufan, Alik Cavaliere, Julio Paz, Sandro Martini, Corbacciò, Raimundo Sesma, Mimmo Paladino, Alberto Burri, Enrico Della Torre, to name but a few. It was against this background that Daniela had the opportunity to meet important figures in the artistic world, such as Roberto Sanesi, Dario Fo, Eduardo Sanguineti, Gillo Dorfles, Arturo Schwarz.

From 2000 until 2005 Daniela entered into partnership with Daniele Upiglio, and it was during this period, in the same studio at number 14 of Corso San Gottardo that Daniela, under the guise of print studio Atelier Quattordici-Grafica Upiglio 22250, gave her signature to several artists’ projects, organised exchange events and participated to lectures and workshops in Italy, Canada, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

Since January 2006 A14 has found its new expression as an ‘itinerant’ professional consultancy that provides ad-hoc technical advice and a very specialised expertise in the field of original print making. A14 operates through a network of artistic collaborations, both in Italy and abroad, working with the most appropriate facilities and resources, and favouring an in-depth analysis and attention to the details and specificity of each artist project.
At present, A14 has a very active network of artistic collaborations in São Paulo, Brazil, which date back since 1997.